Drip & Leaky Pipe


Drip Line and Leaky (Porous) Pipe are perfect for larger areas. They can be used to water large areas of planting such as a tree line, hedge or a garden border, they are perfect for crop rows in vegetable patches. Using the latest technology in Drip Line Irrigation, drip line can distribute water efficiently and effectively to very large areas with very minimum effort during installation, as the dippers are already built into the pipe itself along its entire length.  This is an easy way to get a drip irrigation system on the go quickly.

Choose from either Leaky Pipe, which provides water delivery along its entire length or Drip Line with its evenly spaced emitters.  A full range of fittings, barbed connectors, valves, and supply pipe are also available.  Finally automate your system with one of our controllers, Tap and Low voltage are available.