Drip Emitters distribute water droplets at a specified flow rate when used as part of a drip irrigation system and designed to water the root zones of plants. Drip irrigation emitters come in a variety sizes, styles, and flow rates. Most of our drip irrigation emitters have barbed connections. Drip Emitters with barbed ends are either inserted directly into supply pipe or inserted into the end of micro pipe. Drip Emitters with threaded bases are screwed into micro tubing stakes and risers. All drip emitters should be used in conjunction with a Pressure Regulator and Drip Filter to ensure correct flow delivery and long life..

There are two basic types of emitter.

Pressure Compensating Drip Emitters: Pressure compensating drip irrigation emitters (PC Emitters) deliver a consistent output of water, even with increase changes in elevation or pressure due to long drip runs. These drip emitters are best used in landscapes and gardens twith slopes that would cause an increase in pressure from top to bottom.

Non Pressure Compensating Drip Emitters: Non pressure compensating drip irrigation emitters output will vary with changes pressure. These drip emitters are best used where the water area is flat and level.