Galcon 9001 Bluetooth Controller

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The Galcon 9001BT Bluetooth Controller has the same easy to use programming features as the 9001 EZ controller, with the added benefit of being able to control the timer with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

The Android and iOS Apps are free to download and very easy to use, giving you the ability to control your timer without the need to leave the house or find timers installed in hard to reach areas. The app communicates with the timer using Bluetooth 4.0., which requires low energy and gives a range of up 5 to 30 metres (15 to 90 feet). The has the ability to control multiple timers, with the option to name or capture an image of each timer zone.

The 9001 timer has simple 3-step operation - Set the watering duration and the frequency then start and the timer will run immediately. The timer can be set between 2 minutes and 4 hours, from every 1 hour to every 14 days, and also has the option to delay start needed. The unit features a digital display and LCD screen with button controls for electronic manual operation. Settings also include a rain-off suspension to avoid over watering during bad weather.

The timer runs off a single 9V battery which will last up to one year- an indicator warns when the battery is running low. The timer will work correctly under a water pressure of between 1-8 bar with a flow rate of 50-1200 L/h, and has a 3/4" BSP thread to connect straight to a garden tap.

Requires 1 x 9v Battery, Not Included

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