Micro Irrigation 4mm

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The micro fittings and repair parts for drip irrigation from Hortafix provide an easy way to connect and repair your system. These fittings are either barbed or threaded and are designed to be used with micro tubing with an internal diameter of 4mm. Barbed fittings are the fastest and easiest to use, while threaded fittings are best when working with Rigid Risers.

These fittings can be connected to supply lines (13mm LDPE) by inserting into the sidewall after making a hole with a hole punch.  If you need to close a hole just use a goof plug.

The micro fittings in this range are designed to be used with either vinyl or poly tubing sized 4mm ID, 6/7mm 1/4”OD.

We supply parts from Antelco, Netafim, Rainbird and Naan as well as our own Hortafix range.

Buy parts individually or for ease and value select one of our kits.


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