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Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) supply pipe is used to deliver water around an irrigation system. Our LDPE and Micro Pipe is UV stabilised protecting the pipe from sun erosion, making it suitable for above ground installation and strong to withstand garden use.
Micro pipe has in internal diameter of 4mm (external 6mm).  It is very fleaxible and esily routed between pots and containers.  Our micro pipe is made from uPVC and available in black or white.  The white pipe is slightly more rigid.  LDPE supply pipe is flexible but connectors are required to direct the pipe around corners. Barbed connectors are required providing a tight and leak-free seal, ensuring water pressure is not compromised. Hortafix offers a variety of lengths to suit all irrigation needs, including in kits. LDPE is available in black, brown or white to suit any installation.
We also offer porous pipe in 4mm inetrnal diameter and dripline - these can be found in the Dripline and leaky pipe section.
Most irrigation system use pipe with an internal diameter of 13mm 1/2”, often with an external diameter of 16mm or 17mm.  We also have 20mm and 25mm Pipe available to order.


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