Reducing Tee 13mm x 4mm

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  • Use to connect Micro Pipe to Supply pipe. Branch is micro pipe size.
  • Fits 13mm ID pipe (16mm OD) and micro 4mm (ID) pipe

Use this 13mm reducing to 4mm tee piece to easily install off-takes of micro supply pipe from 13mm supply pipe. To install this tee piece, cut the 13mm pipe in the desired location, insert the reducing tee inline of the pipe, then push the 4mm micro supply pipe to the outlet.

  • Premium quality product made by Antelco Australia
  • Fits 13mm ID (internal diameter) pipes including standard garden hose, PVC irrigation pipe, hozelock and soaker hose.  The reducing connection fits micro irrigation 4mm ID pipe.
  • Double barb for increased retention.
  • Sharp-edged barbs create leak-proof seal.
  • UV stabilised plastic for long life

Extra Information

13mm to 4mm
Reducing Tee
Pipe Size ID: