Vari-Flow Valve 4mm Barbed

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  • Variable flow control from on to full off.
  • Barbed connection fits 4mm (ID) micro pipe
  • Compatible with 4mm Micro irrigation systems.

Ideal for use in a drip irrigation system to control or shut-off water supply to micro pipe. Works well as a coupler between lengths of 4mm internal diameter feeder hose by simply pushing the barb into the end of the pipe. When used with supply pipe, use a hole punch to make the proper hole in the tubing. Excellent when watering garden boxes, hanging baskets, flower pots, and vegetable gardens. No glue or lubricants are required. You will find a number of ways to use this handy little in-line valve. The valves fit micro pipe with an internal diameter of 4mm.

1 Review

Clive Newman 5th Oct 2020

Easy to fit

These taps work well, east to fit onto the 4mm tube, can be used to adjust the flow as well as turn off completely.

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