Vari-Jet Assembly Micro-Spray Quarter Circle

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  • Quarter Circle pattern - up to 2M radius
  • Asta Stake Assembly 30cm.

This sprinkler is supplied on a 30cm stake with a 30cm take off tube.  The tube has a barbed fitting for insertion into 4mm (Internal Diameter) pipe or for insertion directly into the wall of LDPE supply pipe or connection to micro pipe (4mm).

Adjustable Vari-Jet™ Micro sprays feature a built-in dial that modifies the flow between 0 – full Litres per hour. Each Vari-Jet™ features an internal valve allowing water flow to be switched off just by turning the arrow on the dial upwards or downwards - perfect for plants that require less water consumption. To adjust the flow, turn the arrow on the dial to point to either 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock and adjust the valve so water output does not overthrow the garden bed. For a consistent flow rate, set all the dials on micro sprays to the same angle.

A micro spray system can be quickly installed no matter how complicated your garden layout and unlike more permanent irrigation systems can be easily adapted or expanded if you change your garden design.  They can be fitted directly to 4mm micro pipe or on 4mm stake risers. 

Manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene, acetal and PVC for a long-life and protection against deterioration when in use and exposed to sunlight. 

Vari-jet micro spray heads work best at water pressures around 1 – 2.5 bar. At this water pressure, they produce 75 L/h at 1 bar and 120 L/h at 2.5 bar with the ability to throw water to a diameter of up to 3m (depending on pressure available). The water pressure from your tap usually exceeds the required pressure for a micro spray system to function optimally. Use a pressure reducer at the start of your system to regulate the pressure to the correct level.

Extra Information

Pipe Size ID:
Quarter Circle